Characteristics of the architecture of the Historic Center of Querétaro

Have you noticed which are the colonial architectural aspects that remain today in the Historic Center of Queretaro? Here we mention some of them for you to take into account in your next tour of the city:

1. Use of local materials: The architects of Querétaro mainly used local materials, such as pink quarry and adobe, to construct their buildings. The pink quarry, in particular, is an iconic element of Querétaro architecture and is used in facades, columns and decorative details.
2. Baroque facades: Many colonial buildings in Querétaro feature baroque facades elaborately decorated with carved quarry details and ornamental elements, such as reliefs and religious sculptures.
3. Interior patios: The typical colonial houses of Querétaro have interior patios surrounded by arches, columns and balconies, creating fresh and bright spaces that served as meeting and coexistence points.
4. Cloisters and convents: The city housed several convents and cloisters, such as the Convent of Santa Clara and the Convento de la Cruz, which are notable examples of religious colonial architecture. These spaces include churches, chapels, patios and cells, with architecture that reflects the spirituality of the time.


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