• Museo regional en el centro de Querétaro

    Regional Museum of Querétaro: a vestige of the life of the friars

    The Regional Museum of Querétaro is an institution with a rich history that dates back to its origin as a training house for the Franciscans. Its uniqueness lies in its impressive collection of documents dating from the viceregal period, which offer a window to the way of study and thought of that time. This museum…

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  • Iglesia en el Centro de Querétaro

    Characteristics of the architecture of the Historic Center of Querétaro

    Have you noticed which are the colonial architectural aspects that remain today in the Historic Center of Queretaro? Here we mention some of them for you to take into account in your next tour of the city: 1. Use of local materials: The architects of Querétaro mainly used local materials, such as pink quarry and…

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  • La Santa Cruz en el Centro de Querétaro

    The siege of Querétaro and the capture of the convent of La Cruz

    During a walk through the viewpoint of Los Arcos, few Queretanos can resist the temptation to show the “cannon shot” that pierced the walls of the convent of La Cruz when the Republicans took it by surprise and made the imperialist army flee to its end at Cerro de las Campanas. However, few know that…

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  • La fábrica de Hércules

    Cayetano Rubio: the businessman behind the El Hércules factory

    Cayetano Rubio is widely recognized as the entrepreneur behind the founding of the El Hércules factory, and his life is that of one of the most prominent capitalists of the 19th century. Originally from the old port city of Cadiz, he emigrated with his brothers to New Spain in 1806 at the age of 13.…

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